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Landerneau 14th June 2017

The multi-purpose vessel "SWORDFISH" is in the port of Brest, this ship will be placed over where the two hulls were abandoned, off the Finistère coast, in December 2016, by the shipowner MAERSK.

PHOTO: Reproduction interdite

Tuesday 3rd march 2017, at the request of Ms ROYAL, three members of the MOR GLAZ association were received by delegates from the Ministry for Sustainable Development and the Environment, to speak on the situation of the two hulls sunk and abandoned belonging to the shipowner MAERSK.

During this meeting by the Inspectorate of the General Council for Sustainable Development and the Environment, chaired by Mr. Jean-Marc BERTHET Chargé de Mission, who was joined by Messrs Rouchdy KBAIER Inspector-General for Sustainable Development Administration and Luc VEILLE Inspector-General for Maritime Affairs, the MOR GLAZ Association showed its determination to achieve the recovery of these two hulls.

You will find on the website an overview of the operations, the deficiencies and anomalies raised by MOR GLAZ association members present during this hearing, Bernard LE BIHAN, Michel GLAMAREC and Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN.

The world's primary shipowner has acted like an amateur, we call into question this way of working "avoiding its responsibilities" this lack of respect towards the environment and towing professionals.

The consequence of this amateurism has resulted in all which was relayed during this hearing. As soon as they are built, all ships should be equipped with JLMD ECOLOGIC pumping system enabling the removal of bunker fuel and cleaning the tanks (Embarked Passive Safety). Other big shipowners in the world and the French CMA CGM, LD ARMATEURS and some others make this effort "focus on prevention to respect the environment in case of an accident or sinking"

Finally, in order to avoid these convoys, it must be laid down that old ships must be deconstructed as close as possible, in Northern Europe whenever possible, towing alongside must be forbidden. For the MOR GLAZ association these two hulls must be refloated, monitoring for three years of these hulls by MAERSK is not enough. There must be strict regulations so that these negligent acts and those of MAERSK cannot be repeated and are avoided in future. All the relevant players in this sinking must accept their level of responsibility. In maritime activity, no deviation must or can be tolerated, what happened during the night 21st to 22nd December 2016 is outrageous!! Operational progress must be made public.


President MOR GLAZ Association

c/c: Mr. Nicolas HULOT, Ms Elisabeth BORNE, Mr. Vincent BOUVIER, Direction des Affaires Maritimes Translation

T.J. and M-L. DAVIES