Landerneau 16th January 2018

At sea 180 nautical miles east of Shanghai, the sea will never be blue again.

32 seafareres have died, they were embarked on board the tanker  “SANSHI”

If the United Nations could simplify procedures towards Iran, so that the families could be compensated by the seafarers insurers (but were the latter insured?)

The MOR GLAZ association is saddened, how could such a collision be possible, when stringent standards are imposed on seafarers and that ship’s bridges are equipped to avert such dramas, with screens and other collision avoiding technologies. The MOR GLAZ association expresses its deepest sympathy to all the families of those who lost their lives. Wait for the inquiry in order to understand this maritime tragedy in which seafarers have lost their lives, spare a thought for them and their family members.

The collision between the bulk carrier “CF CRYSTAL” and the tanker “SANCHI” Saturday 6th January 2018 caused the death of 82 seafarers! The Iranian tanker loaded with 136 000 tonnes of hydrocarbons sank in the China Sea on Sunday 14th January 2018. After that, the “SANCHI in one week drifted 180 nautical miles towards the open sea pushed by violent winds.

The “SANCHI” built in 2008, was a double hull tanker. After changing names and flag state several times names, it was registered in Panama, so this state is responsible for the nautical enquiry and to get to the bottom of this maritime tragedy. This  tragedy is a menace for marine fauna and flora and in particular for the RYUKYU archipelago reputed to be a paradise. However, during the meeting with the Oceanographer, Michel GLEMAREC’s office (he’s the MOR GLAZ vice-president) it was difficult to make a precise forecast of the effect on the marine ecosystem. The hydrocarbon transported by the “SANCHI” was neither crude oil, nor the waste product which the Erika transported, but as Michel added, the environmental impacts are always there, sometimes only time will tell.

The association MOR GLAZ noted that: the authorities declarations are comforting, stating that this time was a little less serious than the previous! No, 32 seafarers have just lost their lives! Double hull ships yes, but their maintenance must be planned and correctly done, the double hull can contain gases which are dangerous in collisions (for 10 years the association MOR GLAZ has drawn attention to this phenomenon and danger). The association MOR GLAZ observes that ships' crews are reduced more and more, that flags of convenience are back in force, that checks carried out are “botched” due to a lack of inspectors, including in the world’s large ports, that savage competition between ports can create a certain negligence Some classification societies are complacent by interest to keep their customers!

The heavy fuel used by the tankers’engines will obviously endanger the environment, and worsen this maritime disaster. The MOR GLAZ association repeats its demand to see all ships fitted with Embarked Passive Safety such as JLMD ECOLOGIC SYSTEM.

Whatever happens, the wreck which lies120 meters under water will leak hundreds of tonnes of heavy fuel, which will cause assaults on the ecosystem and weaken it for years to come.


For the MOR GLAZ Association

Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN President



Translation T. J. and M-L. Davies