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An open letter to Prime Minster Mr. Edouard PHILIPPE

Landerneau 19th May 2017

Dear Prime Minister

Congratulations on your appointment to the "Matignon Hotel". You have just created your government, with the President of the Republic. You are the Mayor of a port city, the primary French port, but nevertheless your government does not have a Minister responsible for the Sea and maritime and port activities. The MOR GLAZ association regrets this oversight, this thoughtlessness on your part, or lack of commitment in not considering maritime related activities a national priority faced with globalisation.

Is it necessary or useful to remind you that seaways are free (they must be protected, monitored and safe) ; They enable 90% of world trade, in France the sea represents over 320,000 direct and indirect jobs

Prime Minister, as competent as Elisabeth BORNE State Secretary for Transport could be, marine activities cannot be "embedded" within a State Secretary's role.

Prime Minister, the MOR GLAZ Association hopes that you may correct this oversight by giving marine activites the recognition it deserves. This way you will remind French Seafarers, and Maritime Industry Professionals that the sea is not only a means of transport but represents a necessary industrial activity for France and its regions, that all industrial sectors should have the same recognition. France is above all maritime, there must be Shipowners, Seafarers and Investors in this broad field ; giving them a Ministry would have been a strong and energetic signal.

Prime Minister, we use this occasion on your appointment and your resposibilities to request you give more resources to the General Secretariat of the Sea, but also to Maritime Affairs which remains a close link for Seafarers and their families. These authorities have been neglected by successive governments, resulting in a cumbersome authority misunderstood by users. Working together to put France in the maritime position it deserves, to face the impact of globalisation which is sometimes despicable and too often lacks rules, which disrupts the sector.

Prime Minister, the MOR GLAZ association, hereby requests a meeting with your Cabinet.

Pending your reply please accept, Prime Minister, our warmest regards.

For the MOR GLAZ Association

Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN President

Translation T.J. & M-L. Davies