Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime




Landerneau 27th June 2017

This morning an on-line daily paper ran a headline: Will LA TOULINE have to reduce sail. (Note. LA TOULINE is a French association created by sailors for sailors). How is this possible in a country where the sea, the ports and maritime activities are a priority. This association LA TOULINE well known to seafarers, the maritime environment, and all the maritime community is essential for Seafarers, it is certainly an advisory association, which is useful but not only that.

It finds berths for seafarers.

It gives some new motivation to those who had "hung up their sea boots" for different reasons!

It allows others to discover and live the great occupations related to maritime activities.

It is also the Association, which helps those sailors who are a little lost in the fog and meanders of maritime rules and regulation, to set a good course. Administration is sometimes too strict and technical, incomprehensible to seafarers who sometimes prefer changing profession!

The French State has forgotten "neglected" the title "Sea" when naming Ministerial Portfolios, should look much closer to the tasks and tangible results, achieved by LA TOULINE association.

The results achieved by LA TOULINE are unambiguous, During the Employment Protection Plan and the redundancy of 80 seafarers from Louis Dreyfus Armateurs in 2016. LA TOULINE demonstrated its great ability to act and react, reclassifying all the seafarers except one who made another choice.

In 2016, at a committee meeting, the MOR GLAZ association had decided to award a grant to LA TOULINE; the Towing association joined MOR GLAZ in that action in recognition of the work done for Sailors. Both the above mentioned associations have long recognised the work provided "done" by LA TOULINE. By this announcement, we request that the State services but not only them, to provide the additional means to LA TOULINE so that the sailors don't feel so lonely.

We ask all those who have the power to look closely into these missions, to assist it so it may calmly proceed to fulfill its "these" assignments. At this time Sailors and future Sailors must be given hope. But for that, LA TOULINE must have the necessary means to develop and continue navigating on a course of maritime solidarity.


MOR GLAZ association President


C/c: Prime Minister's Office, Minister of Transport, Secretary General for the Sea, Directorate of Maritime Affairs.

Translation T. J. and M-L. DAVIES