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Landerneau 4th December 2017

On 12th December 2017 at 6pm at the International Business School in Brest, there will be a debate about A NAVAL DECONSRUCTION SECTOR IN BREST?. We request our members who are availabe to come and support this initiative and give their opinions! The MOR GLAZ association defends this activity in Brest and elsewhere. A variety of activities in Brest port can only improve its renown. Whenever possible, industrial activity with an emphasis on export should be based in the port or nearby.

The cargo ship "CARIB PALM" will be deconstructed in Brest! Good news for the Breton port, after the deconstruction of the "CAPTAIN TSAREV" cargo ship. This ship will be towed to Brest in the next few days!

Congratulations to all those committed to achieve a rapid outcome to this affair: Hats off to French Customs who detected, diverted and impounded this ship mid December, when it was carrying 2.3 tonnes of cocaine. This ship 80 metres in length, flagged in Moldavia had a crew of twelve, ten Ukranians, a Turk and the captain of Georgian origin. This ship sailed from Colombia on route for Poland.

The "CARIB PALM" had been the subject of a record seizure of cocaine by French Customs in December 2015 in the Dover straits. The ship has since been impounded alongside in the Boulogne-su- Mer commercial port. It should depart the northern port after certain inspections by the Boulogne Maritime Affairs. The convoy is awaited in Brest by the Group "Les Recycleurs Bretons" to be demolished and recycled. The MOR GLAZ association celebrates this outcome, and this contractor for its willingness and tenacity to develop this activity in Brest! A practical way to diversify the industrial activities of Brest port. A way to actively and visibly participate in port operations, involving a larger participation for all the port services, Shipping Agents, Professionals, Insurers, Long Shore-men, Pilots, and others…… A way to create extra employment, increase ship port calls, in order to export the steel from this ship. For the MOR GLAZ association a way of saying: Let's go and do here what is feasible, don't let this activity go outside of our frontiers whenever it's possible, let's give this industrial activity its full meaning, with respect to mankind and the environment

Several ships are held in the port of Brest, sooner or later they should also be deconstructed "recycled", stop these unnecessary and expensive proceedings when dealing with "pseudo-shipowners". The MOR GLAZ association wishes the ships "VN PARTISAN", "KARL", "ANTIGONE Z", and the two French Navy conventional submarines "BEVEZIERS", "LA PRAYA" detained for years in the naval dockyard to be deconstructed in Brest; the experience exists and the lack of acivity is real.

For the MOR GLAZ association Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN President

Translation:- T. J. and M-L. DAVIES