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Open letter addressed to Madame Ségolène ROYAL by E-mail and letter today

Landerneau 4th January 2017

Subject :- Two ship hulls abandoned at 80 meters depth a few nautical miles from Sein island off the Brittany coast, by the ship-owner MAERSK


Madam Minister,

Since 22nd December 2016, two supply type ships are 80 metres below the surface, a few nautical miles off the Brittany coast. These two hulls were being towed to a Turkish scapyard for demolition, the same type of ship towing them was also destined for demolition. You will find a chronological order of events on the web-site WWW.MORGLAZ.ORG

Madam Minister, in an announcement by the maritme authorities have tried to reassure, except both hull contain several cubic metres of heavy fuel oil. Accordingly, these ship do not fulfil the requirements to be towed to a scapyard for demolition, as regulations have not been respected (green passport)

Madam Minister of the Environment and the Sea, the MOR GLAZ association, by this written request, asks that you demande the owner of these two wrecks, to resurface them, but also to shed light on these shipwrecks.Madam Minister these wrecks cannot remain where they are, the sea is not a dumping ground. "The" rules must be respected, woe to those in non-compliance, in this case it is the world's largest shipowner.

Madam Minister, why didn't the French maritme authorities order the ship towing the two hulls to Brest after the sinking? MOR GLAZ association would have liked the master of the ship leaving two wrecks at the bottom of the Iroise Sea to be heard by the French Authorities.

Madam Minister of the Sea, we would like you to take charge of this case. The world's largest maritme transporter who should set an example reacts as would a "pseudo-shipowner" when scrapping old ships.

What is the world's fifth power doing? Making announcements to reassure, or making the imprudent polluter pay. For the MOR GLAZ association there are always risks whenever old ships are towed, especially when made fast alongside each other, and as well when the all three are destined for destruction, there are major risks.

When will the International Maritime Organisation and Insurers require Embarked Passive Security a necessity on board all ships, it would be very useful in the coming days of the Brittany coast.

Madam Minister of the Sea, please accept our most sincere and respectful regards

For MOR GLAZ association Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN President WWW.MORGLAZ.ORG